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Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Love

In today's podcast, we hear the HATMAN'S thoughts on love.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Broken

In today's podcast, we go into more detail about the origins of the HATMAN.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Breaking and making rules

In today's episode, the HATMAN realises he has been breaking rules for a long time. He wonders what purpose our own rules and the rules of others have had upon us.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Lighthouses and Dreams

In today's podcast the HATMAN introduces us to Robert Frost and challenges his words of "good fences making good neighbours".

Sarah Hunt on Meditation

Sarah is a full-time mediation teacher. I took a pause in our walk to ask her about meditation and what it means to her and to understand a little bit about her philos...

Let it flow

The Flow State sits somewhere between anxiety and boredom.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Travelling through Infinity

In today's podcast, we visit some giddy heights. They are scary places but then with the magic of mathematics we slow time down, and take a second breath.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: The "One from Three" Methodology

In this Episode of Wisdom Walking with the HATMAN, on a very cold morning the HATMAN shares some stories from the distant past and offers some financial thoughts. W...

Work. Life. What's in the Balance?

In this episode, Clay and Naomi explore the work-life balance myth.

Try All You Want 16: Bubble Swapping

Sometimes the wisest person in the kingdom is the fool... Every Friday night the two court jesters of WEX Radio get together to talk about...well to talk about anythi...

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman - The Blame Game

In this episode, of Walking Wisdom with the HATMAN, he discusses his views on "Blame" and the Blame Game.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 1 -7 March 2021

We spoke to Eating Freely™ Therapist, Vicky Midwood, about National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which takes place from the 1st through the 7th of March.

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?" A walk with the HATMAN and the trustworthy Harvey through the park exploring moments from the 1970s whilst looking to the skies. He wonders when th...

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: The Ship of Voices, gridlock and turning off

Today HATMAN recalls an episode from Dr Who, and tries something new on his morning ramble.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Homeschooling in a Pandemic

On this morning's walk, HATMAN considers the challenges parents face homeschooling during lockdown and introduces an "old school" way to connect with others.

What timeframe is your "I" locked in?

I'm curious to know, what timeframe your "I" is locked in.

Wisdom Walking with the Hatman: Can we do a little more?

In this episode, the Hatman shares a story about paying it forward and always challenging ourselves to see if we can do a little bit more.

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